Served 7 to 11am

Classic Bacon and Eggs $15.00

Eggs cooked as you like, bacon, grilled tomato, toasted Turkish bread


Savoury Mince $16.50

Beef mince and vegetables in rich gravy served in a sizzle pan, toasted Turkish bread on the side


Sausage and Eggs $17.00

Eggs cooked as you like, chicken sausage, grilled tomato, toasted Turkish Bread


French-Canadian Brekky $17.00

Golden-fried cinnamon toast, maple syrup, bacon, ice-cream and strawberry 


Eggs Benny $19.00

Poached eggs, baby spinach, toasted Turkish bread, house-made hollandaise sauce

Choose - Bacon or Smoked Salmon


The Wharf Big Breakfast $25

Eggs cooked as you like, bacon, chicken sausage, grilled tomato, sauteed mushrooms, savoury mince,

hash brown and Turkish bread


Three Egg Omelette $18

Choose - Bacon & Cherry Tomato OR Sausage & Roast Tomato OR Smoked Salmon & Feta, toasted

Turkish bread


Pesto 'Shrooms $17.00 (V)

Grilled Mushrooms, garlic butter, basil pesto, goat cheese, toasted Turkish bread


ZHC Fritters $18.50 (V)

Served with beetroot relish, roasted pumpkin and carrot. Vegetarian and GF Available


''Nourish'' Granola Bowl $13.00 (V)

Grain Free, gluten free, refined sugar free, refined oil free, honey roasted nuts and seeds,

coconut yoghurt, fruit compote

Kid's menu

(Half-Size Serve)

Bacon & Eggs $10.00

Sausage & Eggs $10.00

French Canadian Brekky $10.00 

extra lunch options

Served 11:30 am to 2:30pm

All served with toasted Turkish bread and thick-cut chips


BLAT $18.00

Bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato, house-made bbq sauce, aioli


Chicken-Bacon Sandwich $18.00

Grilled chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, dill mayonnaise


''Upper Deck'' Steak Sandwich $18.00

Grilled rib fillet, lettuce, tomato, caramelised onions, beetroot relish, basil pesto


Fish Sandwich $18.00

Beer battered premium fish, tomato, house-made slaw, tartare sauce


Grilled Mushroom Sandwich $16.50 (V)

Mushroom, tomato, cos lettuce, grilled capsicum, Spanish onion, beetroot relish







''Captain's Board'' $19.50

Smoked salmon, capers, goat cheese, dill pickle, olives, stuffed bell peppers, cherry tomato

toasted Turkish bread.

Grilled Eggplant Parmigiana $22.00 (V) (GF)

Grilled eggplant, house-made rich tomato sauce, olives, goat cheese, chips salad

Supporting Rural Aid's ''Parma for a Farmer''


''Upper Deck'' Chicken Parmigiana $25.00 (GF)

Grilled chicken breast, house-made rich tomato sauce, olive, basil, goat cheese, chips, salad

Supporting Rural Aid's ''Parma for a Farmer''


Mild Chili Mussels $27.00

South Australian mussels, house-made mild chili sauce, toasted Turkish bread


Spicy Chicken Stack $26.00

Chicken medallions, house-made dressing of lime, coriander, ginger & Kaffir lime,

Chef's selection of vegetables, quinoa

Atlantic Salmon $29.00 (GF)

Seared to medium, roasted vegetables, green beans, balsamic beetroot reduction


Buddha Bowl $24.00 (V)

Steamed grains, roasted and raw vegetables, pulses, nuts, seeds, creamy dressing

Add - Pan-fried chicken | Pan-fried prawns | Smoked salmon - $8.00 each




spring - summer specials

Lunch 11:30am to 2:30pm | Dinner 5:30pm to 8:30pm 

main menu

Lunch 11:30am to 2:30pm | Dinner 5:30pm to 8:30pm


Bruschetta $10.50

Tomato, basil and onion salsa, beetroot balsamic reduction, toasted Turkish bread


''Wharf Side'' Wedges $15.00

Potato wedges, sour cream, guacamole, tomato salsa


Salt and Pepper Seafood Taster $17.00

Seasoned golden fried squid and prawns, house-made tartare sauce


Cheese Platter - $26.00 (serves 2-3) / $14 (serves 1)

Chef's selection of cheeses, fruits, assorted crackers, nuts, seeds


Grilled Mushroom Sandwich $16.50 (V)

Mushroom, tomato, cos lettuce, grilled capsicum, Spanish onion, beetroot relish



Honey Prawn Salad $20.00

Prawns, roquette, cherry tomato, Spanish onion, red papaya, sesame seeds, honey glaze

Thai Style Chicken Salad $18.00

Warm chicken strips, house-made coriander, ginger and lime sauce, mixed leaves, cherry tomato,

Spanish onions, eschalot


Chef's Garden Salad - Meal $16.00 | Side $8.00 (V)

Chef's selection of salad greens, leaves, herbs, Spanish onion, cherry tomato, cucumber, nuts,

seeds, house-made dressing

Add - Parmesan | Cheddar | Feta - $4.00

Add - Pan-fried chicken | pan-fried prawns | smoked salmon - $8.00




Prawn and Bug Tail Pasta $27.00

Prawns, Moreton Bay bug, creamy garlic, basil & white wine sauce, penne

Malibu Chicken and Avocado Pasta $24.00

Pan-fried chicken breast, creamy Malibu sauce, avocado, penne

Mushroom Pesto Pasta $22.00 (V)

Pan-fried mushroom, house-made rich tomato sauce, penne, parmesan





''71 Wharf'' Salt and Pepper Squid $22.00

Seasoned golden fried squid, house salad, chunky chips house-made tartare sauce

Wild Caught Reef Fish and Chips $26.00

Premium Queensland reef fish, house salad, chunky chips, tartare sauce

Choose - Grilled | Beer Battered

Additional Toppers to any Main Menu Item $8.00 each

White wine & garlic butter prawns | Salt and pepper prawns | Salt and pepper squid

''Maheno Plank'' $56.00

Our Signature Dish - a premium selection of hot and cold seafood straight from the boats, sustainably wild caught in the pristine waters of the Queensland coast - grilled half shell scallop, grilled king prawn, golden fried salt and pepper squid, house battered reef fish, cold cooked prawns, natural oysters, Moreton Bay bug, garden salad, chunky chips, lemon, tartare, coriander lime dipping sauce. 

A seafood lover's delight!

K'gari Chicken $39.00

K'gari - traditional name of our beautiful Fraser Island and means ' paradise'.

Grilled chicken breast, prawn, squid, scallop, creamy garlic sauce, house salad, chunky chips

Pasture-Raised Rib Fillet $38.00

Grilled 300g pasture-raised rib fillet, cooked to your liking, house salad, chunky chips

Choose Sauce - mushroom | garlic | pepper

Reef & Beef $48.00

Grilled 300g pasture-raised rib fillet, cooked to your liking, prawn, squid, Moreton Bay bug, creamy garlic sauce, house salad, chunky chips

Battered or Grilled Fish | Chicken Nuggets | Grilled Steak - $10.00 each


Served with chunky chips and tomato sauce

Chunky Chips or Wedges - Bowl $12.00 | Side $6.00


Choose Sauce - Tomato | BBQ | Garlic Aioli | Sour Cream

kid's menu


(Available all Day)


Scone - (until 2:30 pm unless Sold Out) - $5.50

House-made and baked daily - scone, jam, fresh cream

Sticky Date Pudding - $9.00

House-made moist, dark date cake, rich house-made butterscotch sauce, fresh cream

Chocolate Molten Mug Cake - $9.00

House-made rich chocolate cake cooked and served in a mug, fresh cream

Crème brûlée - $9.00 (GF)

House-made creamy baked custard pudding with crunchy golden caramelised topping

Steamed Vanilla Cheesecake - $9.00 (GF)

House-made crustless streamed cheesecake - Choose Berry Coulis | Passionfruit Coulis

Caramel Slice - $7.00 (GF)

Banana Cake - $7.00 (GF)

''Raw'' - $12.00 (GF)(DF)(V)

Combination of raw and unrefined ingredients - date, coconut, cacao, nut, maple syrup, sesame seed, vanilla, spices, fruit - slice | cake | bliss balls - ask for Today's choice!

Liqueur Affogato - $15.00 (18yrs+ /available from 10am)

Choose - espresso | hot chocolate, then Choose Baileys | Kahula | Frangelico

served with vanilla ice cream


                                                      Three             Six            Twelve

           Natural                                                               $12             $22            $36

           Natural with Chili Coriander Lime                   $13             $24            $39

           Grilled - Kilpatrick                                            $15             $28            $42


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